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Our Way Forward

The key objective of the Bransholme and district EAZ is to rapidly raise standards of educational achievement throughout the area. There is a strong feeling within the partnership that additional finance is not the most important advantage that the EAZ brings. Additional finance has been made available to educational institutions in the past and research has shown that unless key enabling factors have been in place, little in the way of long-term improvements have been made.

Recent Task Force, WMC, Discovery and SRB initiatives have shown us the way forward in attempting to change operating cultures and challenging the way in which we focus on our objectives and success criteria. In both cases the enabling factors have been partnership working, inter-agency collaboration, strong puposeful leadership, commitment at all levels, a clear agreed programme, stringent monitoring and evaluation, regular feedback and attention to detail.

Our Aim

We intend to learn from these successes and build a culture that isn’t frightened to challenge and innovate, eazict1learns from systematic monitoring and evaluation, and thrives on meeting targets and delivering effective programmes. We can use the combined strengths, drive and skills of the people and staff that live and work in the EAZ area, build up esteem, value individual contributions, be they from a child or from the EAZ Director and create a will to succeed.
Our EAZ will work towards developing this culture and at the end of its time leave the enablers in place that can make long term sustainable success a real possibility. Yes we will aim to gain maximum benefits from the finances made available to us, while remembering that it’s the willingness of our partnership to work together towards clear, agreed objectives, celebrate success and find better ways of doing things that will ultimately make the difference.

Gifted & Talented Summer School 1999
Theme : Hull700 – what next?

Gifted & Talented Summer School 2000
Theme : Flight – into the future